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Code meets couch: Boolean logic vs. black and white thinking

‘Code meets couch’ is a project that integrates concepts from psychology 💭 and IT💻, aimed at increasing mental health awareness at the workplace.*

Let’s discuss the similarities between Boolean logic (IT) and black and white thinking (psychology):

- Boolean logic is a form of algebra, which is widely used in computer science. Values are either true✅, or false❌, no third option. Boolean logic uses operations like OR, AND, NOT. These simple concepts help programs make decisions and execute actions▶️.

- Black⚫ and white ⚪ thinking (also known as all-or-nothing thinking) is a thought pattern, where we tend to see things only as absolutes. If a person has black or white thinking, they will see themselves either as a complete failure☹, or as a flawless expert in their field😎. This type of pattern can often lead to distorted conclusions about oneself or the reality, as we fail to notice the middle values and integrate both positive and negative information.

We might be tempted to transfer the Boolean logic to our day-to-day life because it makes things simpler and more predictable. Complexity and uncertainty are often challenging to deal with. However, having a more realistic mindset requires noticing nuances🎨 and considering the entire continuum. So, keep in mind that “yes or no” values will be helpful in a structured and predictable environment but might sometimes stop you from seeing the beauty of complexity and changeability. :)

What is your experience with all-or-nothing thinking?


* Why the name ‘Code meets couch’? Back in the days, Sigmund Freud used to let his clients lay down on a couch while talking about their feelings and thoughts. Nowadays, psychotherapy usually has a different setup (client and therapist sit and talk, facing each other🗣), but the couch has remained a symbol of psychotherapy.

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