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My name is Nadezhda Markova. I chose the path of a psychotherapist with the deep confidence that we all have moments when we need support, guidance and listening. So that we can overcome the obstacles on the way to realizing our potential. To thrive, not just exist.

After nearly 10 years of experience, I know from practice that every person is the best expert about their own life and knows the right answers. But even the most successful experts may need the right questions, the right space, or even the right silence to find those answers. This will be my role - to open a space for important topics and to be by your side while researching them.

  • 1300+ hours of practice

  • 8+ years of experience

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy consultant

  • Master of Clinical and Counseling Psychology , Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ”

  • Bachelor of Psychology, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ”

  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy training

  • Training in numerous diagnostic methods


A psychologist participates in the consultation not only with their professional experience, but also with many other aspects of their personality. Other things that describe my nature are:

IT and me

Years ago, I faced the complex professional decision between psychology and mathematics.

I chose psychology, but maths still has a strong appeal to me as a science that sets clear structure and rules, but also hints at unexpected creativity and possibilities: just as it should be in a well-functioning therapy. My professional experience with representatives of the IT field confirmed how many points of contact these two areas actually have.

That's how Code meets couch came to life - a project that combines terms from psychology with those from the technological world. To understand that we are all connected.

Nature and me

As a child, I grew up as a person with a strong connection to nature and the mountains. Time spent in nature is a way to be alone with my thoughts and experiences. To me, mountains are an environment that provokes various enriching emotions. 

Many scientific studies confirm the beneficial effects of nature on mental health.

In my work with clients I find examples of the positive impact of time spent in nature on our emotional state, coping with stress and our ability to connect with each other.

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